The Union Revival (Aaron and Amanda Konzelman) 

My wife Amanda and I both grew up in Waco TX, surrounded by music. Amanda started singing and performing at a young age in church and with a father who was a local Texas country singer and performer.Aaron grew up traveling and learning music from his parents who were an international Contemporary Christian group and were involved in the music industry for many years.They met in college in a music performance class and started singing together and performing around Waco. In 2014 they began to write country and Folk/Americana music for Platinum Pen Publishing in Nashville, TN.Their musical style draws influence from Johnny Cash, Allison Krause, Mumford and Sons, Chris Stapleton and The Civil Wars. They weave strong storytelling with modern folk/Americana rhythms and pop/folk harmonies.

19 years of writing, gigging, burning up the roads into the early morning, being rich, being broke, having plenty, and having nothing, married for 18 years and moving 11 times…to tell the stories of this crazy journey…. and we wouldn’t change a minute or a single breath of the journey to HERE.We love people, authenticity and telling the story of the struggles and victories that are common to all of us. Regardless of race, color, wealth or creed we are all on this journey trying to find meaning, love and purpose. We love finding those stories as we meet people on our journey, and share our story with them. So from the bottom of our hearts, and until our stories cross paths someday, thanks for listening.

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